How To Utilize Your Memphis Outdoor Living Space in the Colder Months

Winter patio with fire pit and cozy chairs

Well, winter is finally here and while it may have taken longer than usual to get here, Memphis winters can be pretty harsh. But, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t utilize your Memphis outdoor living space with friends and family. There are many different things you can do to enjoy your outdoor living space during the colder months. From simple additions like fire pits to more involved projects like adding a cover or roof to your patio or landscaping projects, Build901 can help. In this post, we will explore just a few of the options to make sure you enjoy your patio or deck all year round.

Fire Pits

The first option for enjoying an outdoor living space during a Memphis winter is, of course, the addition of a fire pit. If you want to step it up you can also add a whole outdoor fireplace to your patio. Both outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are extremely practical as well as fun for the whole family. Depending on the size of your outdoor space a fire pit or fireplace could potentially heat the whole area. There are so many different design and size options, they are perfect for pretty much any budget.

fire pit on patio with string lights to utilize your Memphis outdoor living space

Add A Roof

Snow, or ice here in Memphis, can be gorgeous but that doesn’t mean you want it on your seats in your outdoor living space. Adding an overhead cover or roof to your patio or deck is definitely an option you should consider. You can do something as simple as a detached pergola or a full roof with fans and heaters that is attached to the main house. You might also consider adding a fully enclosed patio to your home if you do not have an already existing patio or deck. To add a covering to your outdoor living space the timeline can vary greatly depending on which option you choose. Build901 can discuss all the different options to fit your needs and budget.

Plant Some Trees

There is another option that a lot of people don’t realize could help keep your outdoor space warmer in the winter and that’s planting coniferous trees. Here in Memphis, snow is pretty rare but once thing we aren’t short on is wind. Keeping out cold winds and minimizing humidity, especially in this climate, can make the difference between being comfortable or running inside for warmth. If you strategically place certain trees around your space they can help block out the wind and make it easier to utilize your Memphis outdoor living space. Coniferous trees prevent wind in even the coldest climate and they also take away some of the moisture. Build901 isn’t limited to helping with construction projects. We can also help with landscaping.

coniferous tree in winter in backyard to utilize your Memphis outdoor living space

No matter how you choose to utilize your Memphis outdoor living space during the colder months, Build901 will work with you every step of the way.

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