Build901 offers a variety of high-quality Memphis residential roofing services and systems. With free consultations, Build901 is your best choice for Memphis residential roofing!

Initial Inspection

This is a free, no-obligation inspection where a representative will check the entire home for deficiencies, specifically wind and hail damage. Upon establishing that there is wind damage or hail damage, the representative will  discuss their findings, answer questions and address any concerns that you have.

We will assess the property and determine if an insurance claim is a viable option. If so, we will walk you through the process of filing a claim.

The Next Step

The next step in the Memphis residential roofing process is to provide the homeowner with a written estimate and scope of work. If an insurance claim has been initiated, we will meet with the insurance adjuster on your behalf and agree on the damaged areas and proper remedies. The cost of repairs will be agreed upon by the insurance company, Build901, and you, the homeowner.

Once repairs are approved by the insurance company, you will select the residential roofing materials and colors. At this time, we will discuss delivery of materials and production dates.

The Memphis Residential Roofing Process

Materials will be delivered one or two days in advance. (Material placement will be agreed upon with the home owner)

• Crew will arrive close to 7 am

• A trailer will be placed in the drive way upon arrival.

• Landscaping and decks will be covered with tarps

• The roof will then be removed down to the decking.

• After all roofing has been torn off we will inspect the decking for rotten wood.

• Your felt will be installed with 1” Ring Shank Plastic Cap nails.

• Ice and Water shield will be installed in the valleys. This is a 36” wide membrane, to prevent any potential leaks.

• Starter strip will be installed around perimeter of roof.

• The new shingle will then be installed and nailed with 4-6 nails per shingle. (Depends on Shingle Type)

• All plumbing boots will be replaced. Vents will be replaced per insurance coverage. All metal edging will be inspected & replaced as necessary.

• After roof is complete, gutters and downspouts will be cleaned from any roofing debris. All of the yard and landscape will be rolled with a magnetic roller to pick up nails. Driveway and sidewalks will be blown off with a leaf blower & rolled with magnetic roller.

• Any leftover materials will be stacked and picked up the day after the construction is completed. We order extra material to prevent any hold ups in production. 

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