Memphis Outdoor Living Space Renovation: Love The Mid-South Summer Again!

Women enjoying their Memphis outdoor living space

Now that the weather is finally starting to warm up, you can start thinking about how you can best utilize your Memphis outdoor living space and Build901 is here to help. We handle anything from designing a whole new outdoor paradise to reinventing an already existing space. This summer your Memphis outdoor living space should be your very own escape from the stress of everyday life. There are so many different options out there: decks, patios, pergolas, pools, and much more. Whether it’s an outdoor fireplace, for those cooler spring nights or a complete outdoor kitchen for entertaining during the summer, we can help you create your ideal Memphis outdoor living space.

Women enjoying their Memphis outdoor living space

If you are creating an all new outdoor living space from scratch one of the first options, of course, is a patio or deck. A deck is not only a great place to entertain friends and family, but it also adds value to your home. A deck can open up a whole spectrum of options when it comes to what kind of Memphis outdoor living space best suits your lifestyle. It could be just a simple deck or patio big enough for a table and chairs for outdoor dining or something more elaborate with an outdoor fireplace or outdoor kitchen. A deck is also relatively inexpensive if you are looking to add more to your Memphis outdoor living space without necessarily breaking the bank.

Outdoor fireplaces are one of the most versatile additions you can make to your outdoor living space. They are a great focal point for an otherwise empty back patio or deck and it’s something you can enjoy all year round. In the cooler fall months and beginning of spring, and outdoor fireplace is perfect for keeping you warm while still allowing you to enjoy your outdoor oasis. On the other hand, in the summer the fireplace can be used for family fun like cookouts, as well as additional light without having to have a harsh light shining in your Memphis outdoor living space.

An outdoor kitchen is another option our customers really love for their outdoor living spaces. Creating a full blown gourmet kitchen is a great way to create a space perfect for entertaining and barbecuing during the warm summer months and on into the other seasons. Build901 can work with you to design the perfect Memphis outdoor living space and kitchen complete with custom stone countertops and appliances.

No matter what kind of option you desire, Build901 work side by side with you every step of the way. We are a very hands on company and we value your input and ideas to help us create your ultimate Memphis outdoor living space for you and your family. We don’t just handle the project and leave the rest to you, either. Build901 can also handle the landscape design and installation making the most of your Memphis outdoor living space.

We can work with any budget from one that allows for just a simple patio addition to the more expansive budget that means you can virtually create a whole new world in your backyard. Whatever the case may be, Build901 can tackle anything.

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