Memphis Commercial Roof Replacement

Here at Build901 we can help you with all of your Memphis commercial roofing needs. This includes, but is not limited to, helping you know when your roof needs repairs or to be replaced all together. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when trying to find out if you need a Memphis commercial roof replacement.

First of all, your safety is the number one priority. Although many problems require an up-close inspection, Build901 wants to save you the trouble of making needless trips out onto your Memphis commercial roof. Build901 has all of the equipment and the years of experience necessary to navigate your Memphis commercial roof to see what type of repair or replacement is needed. 

Of course, you know best how your Memphis commercial roof ages. You can look back at other roof inspection documents to understand what the patterns in wear are for your roof. If your roof has been slowly declining but is only 10 years old you might be able to get by with repairs for a few more years. However, if your Memphis commercial roof’s repairs are getting larger and more frequent you may spend less by replacing the roof now. This is a benefit of getting a Memphis roof replacement sooner and Build901 is here to help with the job.

Experts have several signs that you may need to replace your roof. The first sign is that the building code does not allow covering an old Memphis commercial roof. Another sign is that moisture has made its way into the insulation and deck or that moisture is caught between the layers in your roof. In addition, if the mechanical fastening is out of date and cannot pass current wind uplift or fire protection codes. One of the major things you want to watch out for is deterioration. If the roof deck itself is deteriorated. This applies to wood or steel Memphis commercial roofing. One more thing to think about is phenolic foam insulation. If this was used in the existing Memphis commercial structure it may be leading to sulfonic acid that corrodes the steel deck.

Now, we know that all of those things may be a completely confusing and overwhelming for you. That’s where Build901 comes in. Build901 should be on the top of your list for finding out if your Memphis commercial roof needs to be replaced. We can be the ones to inspect your roof as well as document anything we find. We will also explain our findings and work with you every step of the way in your Memphis commercial roof replacement. We can also provide recommendations on materials along with everything else.

We are here for all of your Memphis commercial roofing needs. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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