How to Choose the Best Memphis Residential Roofing Material for Your Home

Whether you are thinking about replacing, repairing, or building from scratch, Build901 is here to help you with all of your Memphis residential roofing materials. There are many different types of roofing materials and they each come with their own set of benefits. When choosing your Memphis residential roofing material you will want to keep in mind the look and feel of your home, your budget, and of course, the durability and dependability of the material. Whichever material you choose, Build901 can help you every step of the way. In this post, we will cover the different types of roofing materials and the pros and cons of each so that when you decide on the best one for your Memphis residential roofing material, you are as prepared as possible.

The most commonly used roofing material in the country is asphalt shingles. This material is the most popular because it is the most affordable and easy to install. When using asphalt shingles for your Memphis residential roofing material, you can reinforce them with fiberglass or cellulose without changing how the shingle looks. The pros to using this material are that it comes in many different colors, it’s readily available, and it is one of the least expensive materials to use for Memphis residential roofing. However, it doesn’t provide as much insulation as other materials and the quality varies greatly. Asphalt shingles usually last about 20 to 25 years if they are taken care of properly.


Another Memphis residential roofing material would be clay or concrete tiles. These tiles are known for adding texture to a roof. If you are looking to up the elegance factor of your Memphis residential roof, you may opt for this material. Some of the pros of clay and concrete tiles are that they are long-lasting and non-combustible. Concrete tiles are also very energy efficient. Some cons to think about would be the weight and price of these tiles. Both materials are very heavy and must be installed by a professional. That would be us! They usually require additional framing but clay and concrete tiles are extremely durable. Prices can usually start around $300 to $500 a square and they last anywhere from 40 to 50 years.

One option to consider for your Memphis residential roofing material is metal. Metal roofs are resistant to extreme weather and are available in two forms and four materials. You can get your metal roofing in the form of panels or shingles and it can be made of aluminum, copper, stainless steel, or zinc. Metal lasts longer than asphalt or wood with the lifespan of 40 to 75 years. Although the price may be higher than other materials this one is definitely a solid investment when it comes to your Memphis residential roof.




Now, slate is a material you don’t see too much of in the Memphis residential area, but it is definitely an option. Slate can add beauty and unique elegance to any home and can range in colors from black to even purple. This roofing material is very durable, fire-resistant, and it can also be recycled. Slate is one of most expensive materials you can buy for your Memphis residential roof, but it can last 50 years and sometimes even 100 years or more. 

Lastly, we have the wood shingles and shake. These types of shingles are the roofing choice for homeowners that want a roofing material based on looks for the most part. Wood shingles offer a rustic look for your Memphis residential roofing and are natural usually made from cedar, redwood, or pine. The major con for this roofing material is that fire codes in some areas prohibit the use of these. They can also cause concern when it comes to wet climates as they can mold, split, and even rot. This material is in the same range as asphalt shingles when it comes to price and last anywhere from 25 to 30 years.

Whether you choose asphalt, clay, concrete, metal, slate, or wood, Build901 is happy to help you choose the best material for your Memphis residential roofing project.

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